Announcing the Release of « A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania » by Ely Ould Sneiba: An Incisive Exploration of Ruskinism’s Impact on African Politics

Announcing the Release of « A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania » by Ely Ould Sneiba: An Incisive Exploration of Ruskinism’s Impact on African Politics.
Ely Ould Sneiba releases « A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania, » a critical examination of John Ruskin’s influence on African politics. The book, praised for its lucid analysis, focuses on Tanzania and Ruskin’s…
A distinguished Mauritanian politician, diplomat, and award-winning author, Ely Ould Sneiba announces the release of his latest book, « A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania. » Delving deep into the world of political ideology, the book provides a meticulous commentary on the work of John Ruskin, an esteemed English philosopher, critic, and polymath of the Victorian Era.

Ruskin’s ideologies have influenced figures like Mahatma Gandhi in shaping ideas for societal change. Sneiba’s writing uniquely tackles the application of Ruskinism in Africa, especially in the political environment of Tanzania. His keen analysis shines a spotlight on the diffusion of Ruskin’s principles into the foundational beliefs of some of Africa’s pioneering socialists, chiefly under the leadership of iconic figures like President Julius Nyerere.

Ely Ould Sneiba’s extensive experience as a former university lecturer, diplomat, author, and holder of multiple degrees—including a Ph.D. in English Literature and Civilisation—sets the tone for this masterwork. His varied contributions to Mauritania’s political and public life and his role as a spokesman for the Head of State and a member of the democratic opposition showcase his depth of knowledge and commitment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the profound connection between Victorian ideals and African politics, a subject brought to life in « A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania. » Secure your copy now at leading bookstores and online platforms and be inspired to envision a more compassionate and sustainable future.

The sentiment from Ruskin that resonates prominently throughout the book is the idea that a prosperous nation is one that « nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy men. »

« A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania » is not just a book—it’s a call to embrace Ruskin’s ethos in today’s global context. Sneiba’s provides a roadmap to a compassionate and sustainable future.
Critics have lauded « A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania » for its precision and clarity. Literary Titan’s review emphasizes, « This insightful book scrutinizes Ruskin’s political ideology and its connection to African politics… Sneiba’s writing is commendably lucid and devoid of unnecessary embellishments… ‘A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania’ is enriched with thoughtful quotations and citations, drawing from luminaries such as John D. Rosenberg, George Eliot, and of course, John Ruskin himself. »

Elevating the accolades of this book, « A Scent of John Ruskin in Tanzania » has been honored with the Literary Titan Silver Book Award. This esteemed accolade is a testament to books that proficiently present intricate and contemplative concepts with powerful, fluent, and apt language.

About the Author

Ely Ould Sneiba
Ely Ould Sneiba

Ely Ould Sneiba is a highly accomplished Mauritanian politician, diplomat, former university lecturer, and award-winning author. He has authored numerous books on subjects ranging from John Ruskin’s political influence in Africa to the ethnic crisis in Mauritania. His articles on subjects like anti-capitalism, trade unionism, and Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy have graced the pages of leading international journals.


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