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Mauritanie : Assurer la sécurité alimentaire- AFD

Mauritania: Ensuring food security – AFD.
The Food Security and Conflict Prevention in the Face of Climate Change (SAP3C) project is implemented by the consortium of NGOs GRDR, GRET, Tenmiya and financed by AFD. Its overall objective is to contribute to improving the food security of the most vulnerable populations, restoring the environment, reducing the risk of land disputes, and strengthening social cohesion in six watersheds, in the Mauritanian regions of Gorgol and Guidimakha.

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The project provides for small water and soil conservation and soil defense and restoration works such as filtering bunds, stone bunds, water regulation structures, half-moons, zai, etc. to improve agricultural and pastoral production capacities, as well as support aimed at adopting agro-ecological practices adapted to climate change. The project is backed by a consultation framework formed by the actors concerned in the targeted territories. The expected impacts of the project are to improve food security and social cohesion in the areas of intervention and to mitigate desertification, land degradation, and rural exodus.

Source: AFD

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